Finding the right child care centre, like many aspects of parenthood, is a arduous and nerve wrecking experience.

We have researched over 20, visited more than 10 and sent our first kid to 2 before settling on the one we felt most comfortable with. We realized how lucky we were after speaking to countless newly-minted parents. Despite Singapore having more than 1000 child care centres, many simply couldn’t find an appropriate one for their kids and had to resort to alternative means such as grandparents and domestic helpers.

As a modern society with heavy emphasis on education, you can easily obtain tons of information online about primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and universities. However, information about childcare centre, which is a crucial milestone of early childhood development, is at best patchy.

Clearly the government is encouraging more formal early childhood education, and we applaud the conscious efforts of putting systems in place to assess the quality of providers. Other than the institutionalized efforts, parent communities could play a major role in providing a more informed decision, as well as improvement feedback on the specific childcare centre.

Our platform aims to provide three broad categories of information to help parents:

  • Institutionalized assessment information from Early Childhood Development Agency
  • Existing community reviews from sources like Facebook
  • Last but not least, reviews written by the parents on this platform

After signing up for your free account, not only can you write a review, but also communicate directly with the reviewers, catapulting a discussion on the childcare centre page.

We look forward to your sharing and contribution. Let’s help one another in the dazzling journey of parenthood!

With loads of love,
The Budding Year Team